2010 to 2011 Activity Report:

  • Major Organizational Activities:
    • Jul. 2010: Distributed Thought (DT) is founded as a UK not-for-profit company, registration number 7329707.
    • Nov. 2010: DT organizes the inaugural NESEA conference in Suzhou, China in collaboration with XJTLU (China) and the IEEE (US) .
    • Jun. 2011: DT sponsors and launches the IJDATICS journal.
    • Dec. 2011: DT organizes the second NESEA conference in Perth, Australia in collaboration with Murdoch Unversity (Australia) and the IEEE (US).
  • Major Financial Activities:
    • Mar. 2011: In collaboration with XJTLU, DT secures a grant of $5000 (US) from SIPEDI, China for the first NESEA conference.
    • Dec. 2011: DT donates $1750 (US) to the second NESEA conference to support free registrations for students and volunteers.

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